Our Commitment


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At Bloomin' Brands, we are constantly working to improve how we support Our People, preserve Our Environment, and increase the quality and sustainability of Our Ingredients in order to provide an exceptional guest experience.

Our first commitment as a company has always been to Our People. We are proud to foster a welcoming and inclusive culture where Team Members can thrive, be themselves, and deliver memorable experiences to our guests. It is also our privilege to invest in the well-being of our communities, supporting our neighbors, first responders, and others in need.

To protect Our Environment, we prioritize working with key stakeholders to build on our current progress and identify new measures that include conserving water, operating with more energy efficiency, and redirecting excess food away from landfills into the hands of people who might otherwise go hungry. 

Focusing on Our Ingredients means keeping our longstanding dedication to food safety and seeking opportunities to improve the sustainability of the items we buy. And, it includes teaming with leading experts to identify best practices and holding suppliers accountable for helping to preserve our environment and the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

We will be Bringing People Together on this journey, in our restaurants, in our communities, and within our industry. We embrace our inherent responsibilities and are proud to share the progress we have made.  


We identify which sustainability topics are most relevant to our business, customers and stakeholders through a materiality assessment. We take action on these topics through our sustainability strategy and goals focused on three pillars: Our People, Our Environment and Our Ingredients. Our approach aligns with our company values and is helping us build a more sustainable Bloomin’ Brands.