Our Ingredients

At Bloomin’ Brands we are committed to building long-term partnerships with suppliers who are dedicated to delivering safe, high quality ingredients in a sustainable way. We require all suppliers to comply with our Supplier Code of Ethics, and strive to source only products that are raised in a sustainable, ethical, and humane manner.

Sustainable Sourcing

We continuously strive to source as many sustainable land-based proteins and seafood products as possible, working closely with our supplier partners to continuously improve sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Animal Welfare

We require our suppliers to confirm that they treat all animals humanely and ethically.

Safe Food

Serving safe food is our first priority, beginning with our commitment to purchasing the most safe and wholesome ingredients available.

Animal Welfare

We are committed to serving safe, high quality food and that begins with responsible farming and the humane treatment and processing of animals. More than a decade ago, we created an Advisory Council – comprised of distinguished animal science and food safety experts – to guide our policies and assist with our ongoing assessment of advancements in animal welfare and food safety.

All of our protein suppliers have established humane handling practices, and meet and or exceed the required USDA, American Meat Institute, or the National Chicken Council guidelines for humane handling, including proper food, water, and shelter conditions as well as appropriate veterinary care. To help ensure compliance with these guidelines, we require a compliance audit completed by a recognized independent, third-party specialist at each of our protein supplier facilities, at least annually.

We believe that the humane treatment of animals is an ethical obligation we owe to ourselves and our customers. We continue to make significant progress toward achieving species-specific animal welfare goals we have established to fulfill this commitment. 

One of these goals is to purchase only cage-free eggs to use in our U.S. restaurants by 2025 - specifically, 33% of our egg purchases being cage-free by the end of 2022, 66% by the end of 2023, and 100% to be cage-free by the end of 2024.

Other species-specific goals include: 

  • Ensuring the majority of our beef remains Beef Quality Assurance℠ (BQA) certified
  • Collaborating with at least one animal welfare stakeholder to advance policy objectives
  • Working with suppliers to implement group housing systems for all pork products
  • Encouraging and measuring higher welfare outcomes for farm animals in our supply chain


We believe antibiotics should only be used when medically necessary, and support those who are working in that direction.

We are working with suppliers to ensure they follow FDA guidelines to use only antibiotics not important to human medicine and restrict other antibiotic use to veterinarians treating, preventing, and controlling disease in animals.

We recognize the health concern that antibiotic resistance presents and are developing a specific policy based on best practices, government health standards, and guidelines, and other stakeholder perspectives. 

Once our new animal welfare and antibiotics policies are established, we will work with our supply chain partners to ensure they strictly follow the policies.


Food Safety

Serving safe food has always been our priority, from our commitment to purchasing the safest and most wholesome ingredients available, to ensuring we properly handle, prepare, and serve the highest quality items to our guests.

We utilize both internal auditors responsible for supplier evaluations and external third parties who inspect supplier adherence and kitchen practices to ensure quality, food safety, and product specifications. 

We adhere to the best practices for food handling in all of our restaurants, constantly monitor and innovate to improve procedures. Our restaurant teams have many touch points to ensure food safety, quality, and freshness through all phases of preparation. 

Sustainable Sourcing

We partner with peers, suppliers, and stakeholders to better understand the impact of our procurement decisions and to take actions to decrease the impacts in our supply chain.

As an active member of the Restaurant Roundtable for Sustainability, Bloomin’ Brands is committed to monitoring and addressing emerging sustainability, environmental, and social issues related to our operations and supply chain.

We are committed to taking practical, science-based steps to promote sustainability throughout our supply chain.

Land-Based Proteins

We are working with suppliers to benchmark and develop policies and best practices to advance the sustainability of the land-based proteins we purchase. 

Sustainable Seafood

Sourcing high-quality seafood harvested in a sustainable manner is an important priority. Seafood supply chains are complex and protecting the ecosystems and people that support them is critical to preserving these natural resources. We encourage suppliers to adhere to the seafood principles outlined by the Restaurant Roundtable for Sustainability.