Our People

Celebrating Our People –  employees, guests, suppliers, and neighbors – has always been the heart of our company’s culture, driven each day by our founding Principles & Beliefs, which include treating each individual as we would want to be treated.

We believe that creating exceptional guest experiences begins with providing a positive, supportive work environment that welcomes individual differences and allows employees to grow and have fun. We focus on developing genuine, emotional guest connections through friendly service and high-quality food. 

We embrace the communities we serve, from feeding first responders to supporting worthy causes, especially in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, home to our Restaurant Support Center. 

In 1999, we created a Trust to help Team Members in times of personal hardship. All contributions to the Trust are voluntary, employee-funded, and are not solicited from suppliers, customers, or friends. Because of the incredible generosity and caring nature of our Team Members, the Trust is able to make meaningful disbursements to Our People who experience very difficult, and often catastrophic issues, in their lives.

Employee Experience

Providing outstanding dining experiences begins with creating a positive and inclusive workplace where employees can take pride in their work, have fun and thrive.

Quality Dining Experiences

Serving high quality, safe food and friendly hospitality in a clean, welcoming environment is the foundation of our restaurants’ success.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in the uniqueness of Our People, celebrating the different qualities, perspectives and experiences that each person offers.

Guest Service

We strive to deliver exceptional, welcoming service to every guest, treating every individual with the utmost respect.

Community Engagement

From feeding first responders to supporting worthy causes, we embrace and support the communities we serve.

Guest Experience

Our restaurants offer a space for Bringing People Together with the help of Team Members, who provide memorable experiences. This commitment has been the foundation of the company’s success and continues to be our pleasure today.  

Our passion for exceeding expectations starts with friendly, welcoming service that treats each guest with the utmost respect. Delivering on this promise extends to serving only the highest quality, safest food available in a clean, inviting atmosphere.

Each restaurant Team Member, regardless of role, receives robust training and support. This instruction, based on position, includes proper cooking techniques, responsible beverage service, food quality expectations, cleanliness, and excellence in guest care. Team Members also complete recertification courses each year in key areas of the business to ensure clear direction and expectations.

Bringing People Together

We embrace the uniqueness of Our People, celebrating the different qualities, perspectives, and experiences that each Team Member, supplier, and guest brings to the table.  

We are proud to nurture an inclusive, service-focused culture, founded on respecting and valuing every person, regardless of differences, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or age.

This commitment has led Bloomin’ Brands to be recognized on Newsweek’s "America’s Greatest Workplaces for Women 2023" list and named to the Forbes list of “America’s Best Employers for Diversity” for the fifth consecutive year in 2023.  

Welcoming and valuing everyone is vital to fortifying the emotional ties that bind our diverse, unique culture. We focus on fostering a positive environment where employees can take pride in their work, have fun, thrive, and just as importantly, be themselves. 

This commitment, part of the Principles & Beliefs that have guided our actions since opening our very first restaurant, set the stage for creating memorable guest experiences and lasting relationships with our business partners.

We embrace the power of diverse viewpoints, personal differences, and life experiences in creating a stronger culture for all.

To bring this to life, we train employees on the concept of unconscious bias and the importance of treating each person equally and with great respect. This approach includes understanding how personal perceptions can influence engagement with guests. External guest measurements help us ensure we fulfill our promise.

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Board of Directors Leadership

The Board of Directors provides oversight to the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Leadership Team on certain strategic matters that impact the long-term value of the enterprise.

The Board is comprised of ten members, nine of whom are independent, with a mix of industry and large company experience. Board Members are elected by stockholders and are responsible for ensuring accountability for the company’s long-term strategies and performance.

Corporate Governance Guidelines have been established to assist the Board in serving the best interests of the company and its stockholders. Through quarterly meetings and the activities of various committees, the Board advises the company’s senior leaders. In 2019, Bloomin’ Brands was recognized by Women on Boards for being a leader in gender diversity among Fortune 1000 companies. 

The company also maintains an ethics and compliance program to help ensure appropriate standards of business conduct and ethics. This includes an ethics and compliance hotline that allows for anonymous reporting.