Our Pledge

Our Pledge to Diversity and Equality

In the recent aftermath of the deaths of Black men and women, we paused here at Bloomin’ Brands, looking inward at what we can do to better support underrepresented minorities, address systemic racism, and become more inclusive as a company.

This pause was needed. It allowed us to stop and listen to our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities and have difficult, uncomfortable conversations as an executive team. And, it allowed us to ensure that any changes we make are truly meaningful and aimed at long-term culture transformations.

When assessing our overall racial diversity at Bloomin’ Brands, we learned that 43% of our total field employees identify as non-white*, but we are lacking in diverse representation at our Restaurant Support Center (RSC) and in our management ranks:

* At the RSC, 24% of employees are non-white, and our corporate management is 20% non-white
* In the field, 29% of our management team are non-white
* On our Executive Leadership Team, 25% are non-white

We strive to reflect the diversity of our communities at all levels, and ultimately, we concluded that we can, and need, to do better.

We are actively engaging and listening to our employees. As a part of this effort, we formed a Diversity & Inclusion Council comprised of individuals across the company, at all levels, to help guide, monitor, and reinforce short- and long-term goals. We want this to be more than just a moment. We are committed to lasting growth and improvement and recognize that change starts with us. We are a part of our communities and have a role in making them better.

Our work to expand diversity and ensure inclusion is here to stay, and success in some areas isn’t success across the board. We pledge to improve in the following areas, measuring and monitoring our progress:

  • Leadership & Talent: attract, develop, and promote diverse employees who reflect our communities and at all levels of
    leadership. This includes expanding our relationships with the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance and
    the Women’s Foodservice Forum to raise cultural awareness and encourage the promotion of diversity in our restaurants.
  • Training & Education: strengthen our training and education programs to include listening, sharing, and storytelling,
    conducting “real talk” sessions, continuing unconscious bias training, and putting that training into action.
  • Financial Support: donate to organizations dedicated to helping end racial injustice and creating opportunities for more
    inclusive communities

To further underscore our commitment, we also launched initiatives around Juneteenth, including making it a paid holiday beginning in 2021, and continue to donate food during racial injustice protest marches and clean-ups.

This is just the beginning of our journey toward furthering racial equality and inclusion. Our Principles & Beliefs, the guiding values at Bloomin’ Brands, state that “We believe in the sanctity of the individual, the value of diversity and inclusion, and in treating people with kindness, respect, and understanding.” We must walk that talk. As a hospitality company, our goal for our restaurants and our Restaurant Support Center is to be welcoming, safe, and inclusive environments.

We look forward to taking this walk together.

David Deno
Chief Executive Officer
Bloomin' Brands, Inc.